Harness Safety

Only dummies don’t wear harnesses on booms

Powered access is a safe way of working at height. So why take a risk by not wearing a full body harness when using boom-type platforms?

There is a real risk of serious injury or death from being catapulted out of the basket. You may not be in any position to avoid violent movement of the basket. But correct use of a harness can prevent you from being thrown out.

Dont risk the catapult effect

One of the biggest risks in using boom-type platforms is being catapulted out of the basket. This can happen easily if the boom swings, jolts or tilts away from the machine’s centre of gravity.

  • Even a small movement at ground level will create a whiplash effect at platform level
  • The higher you are, the faster you will be thrown forwards – or sideways – or backwards
  • In the event of an accident, the platform might tilt – providing less protection than you think
  • Professional boom platform operators never leave anything to chance

Does your harness look ‘worse for wear’?

Unsafe Harnesses

Unsafe Harnesses

You should inspect a safety harness before every use;

  • look for loose or broken buckles
  • tightness of rivets
  • secure attachment points of straps and belts
  • webbing damage




DO NOT try to repair defective equipment, instead damaged parts of the harness should be replaced or disposed of.

A 1mm cut on the edge of the lanyard can result in a 5-40% loss of strength depending on the make of the lanyard being used.

Harness safety training from Mainline

Mainline offers a Safety Harness and Inspection course. This course is designed to enable a MEWP operator to select, inspect and use an appropriate harness and associated safety equipment.

You can also buy your safety harness from Mainline at a competitive price. Just contact us for details on 0844 477 9989 or email: info@mainline-access.co.uk.