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Anti-Entrapment Alarms

Operator Protective Alarm (OPA)


Example Genie Alarm

  • Pro-active approach to anti-entrapment
  • Does not impede the work area, nor impact on platform capacity
  • System can be reset from the basket
  • Works on all major manufacturers machines
  • CE marked

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Effective protection system for aerial work

The operator protective alarm system is designed to alert ground personnel when an operator makes contact with the platform control panel by in interrupting boom movement, sounding an alarm and causing a light to flash.

The system is designed to be as unobtrusive as possible to operators, featuring a pressure sensitive horizontal bar that is fitted at around waist height below the boom lift’s control panel.  When pressure is placed on the bar, as may be the case if an operator makes contact with an overhead obstacle, the system is activated.  The system also features a reset button that can be pressed if the system is accidentally activated.

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