Construction Site Accidents Highlight the Importance of Proper Training

In light of the number of telehandler related accidents reported recently, Mainline would like to highlight the importance of ensuring that all site personnel are correctly trained to meet industry standards.

The Construction Enquirer has reported on a tragic incident involving a telehandler with the investigation concluding that the operator had received no formal training and the vehicle itself was poorly maintained.

There are many areas of construction work where training is vital in order to achieve a safe working environment, telehandlers, mobile access towers, forklifts, plant, health and safety, the list goes on…

Furthermore, the Government Health & Safety Executive has recently issued a new information sheet stressing the essential need for training in the use of high level access equipment. The sheet entitled “The Selection, Management and use of Mobile Elevating Work Platforms” can be viewed here.

Mainline has been operating for over thirty years, during that time we have earned a reputation for excellence and become known as one of the UK’s best trainers within the construction, manufacturing and industrial sectors.

You can rely on us to not only supply hire equipment fully maintained to the highest standards by our CAP registered fitters but also to ensure your employees are correctly trained to meet the ever changing industrial and legislative demands.

Workplace vehicles are the second largest cause of major and fatal workplace accidents, don’t take any chances, ensure all of your employees are up to date on their training today.

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